SMS Sample Templates

Sample Templates

Educational Institution :

1) Dear XXXXXXXXXXXXX, Your presently in the class is not upto the mark. Hence, you are needed to attend the lectures immediately & meet our Director XXXXXXXXXXXXX

2) Dear Student/ Parents, The unit test of XXXXXXXXXXXXX (10/20/40/60) marks is scheduled from XXXXXXX to XXXXXX Your internal marks is depend on this test. Please be noted.

3) Dear Student/ Parents, You are required to meet in the office for XXXXXXXXXXXXX (Fees, Scholarships, Documents, University Exam Forms, Redressal Xerox copy etc.)

4) Dear Student/ Parents, A ‘Surprise test’ is arranged during XXXXXXXXXXXXX to XXXXXXXXXXXXX for XXXXXXXXXXXXX(10/20/40/60) marks. Please observe Notice Board at IMR immediately.

Stock Market :

1) Todays trade summary: Bought Nifty Future/Option XXXX Sold XXXXXX. Todays profit : XXXXXXX

2) Markets closing, Exit Nifty Future (or) XXXXXXX, Trial will be extended for 1 more day. 9XXXXXXXXX

3) Book full profits in XXXXXXX cmp XXX Profit of XXXXXXXXXXXX in just 1 call.

4) for registering. Your XXXXX. Join with XXXXXXXXXX For details, call us on 9XXXXXXXX

Other templates :

1) Your feedback is precious for us .Please provide us with your valuable suggestions.Visit or call -9XXXXXXXX,

2) Thanks for your enquiry!! We keep in touch with you ASAP. Kindly check your Email ID for more information. Have a nice day. If it's urgent call XXXXXXXXX or mail to XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX by XXXXXXXXX

3) Dear XXXXXXXXXXXXXX , The balance in your myelearner A/C is XXXX e-points.Please use them before they expire. Cont on 9XXXXXXXX,