Employability Training

Developing Employability

Bookish knowledge can only take you that far! After a while how you use your knowledge in the real dynamic scenario is what matters. We at GETWAY believe that to compete in today’s environment it is imperative that any education should be based on Industry norms. Today employers want entry level employees to possess various basic to complex skill sets such as the basic functional and effective communication skills to the complex thinking and affective skills. In such a scenario, you need not just training but also mentoring, which GETWAY provides.

Our Value Proposition

Our Model

  • End-to-End Solution from Sourcing to Placement
  • Training mapped to industry requirements – "Bridging the Gap” between academic education and industry needs
  • Active, problem based learning pedagogy to balance Knowledge, Skills & Attitude
  • Right blend of ILT and eLearning to prepare Students for Continuous Professional Development and life long learning rather than first destination




Developing Employability – Our Model

  • Our Training Strategy
    • Understand Industry requirements
    • Collaborate with Industry
    • Define Training Pedagogy
    • Design Curriculum
  • Our Sourcing
    • Source candidates from various organizations and institutes
    • Involve Hiring Organizations from Day 1
    • Initial screening by GETWAY
    • Final assessment by Hiring Organizations
  • Our Selection
    • Invite Hiring Organizations on Selection Day
    • Assign Streams to students based on Assessment
    • Notify Students
    • Identify – Direct Employable and Trainable Students
    • Hiring Organizations issue "Provisional Offer letters” to Direct Employable (with a clause)
    • Identify week areas of Trainable students and work closely with them
  • Our Training
    • Employability skills are best learnt when classroom replicate key features of real work
      –Real, Project based learning
    • Instructor’s role is to facilitate and coach rather than lecture and order learning, requiring students to take much of the responsibility for their own learning
    • Training Mapped to Industry requirement (e.g.):
      –Software Technology (1 Year)
      –Business Process outsourcing (3 Months)
      –Hardware Technology (3 Months)
      –MIS and Business Accounting (3 Months)
      –Retail (3 Months)
      –Hospitality (3 Months)
      –Travel and Tourism (3 Months)
  • Our Campus to Corporate initiative
    • Invite Industry Experts for Talks
    • Soft Skills to Bridge the gap between Academic Education and Industry Requirements
      –Campus to Corporate
      –Culture Difference Awareness
      –Presentation and Communication
      –Personality Development, Ethics, Attitude and Soft Skills
    • eLearning Orientation
      –Equip youth for "Online Self Learning”
    • Demonstrable impact of learning through International Vendor Certification e.g Microsoft, Comptia etc
    • Free Industry recognized Brainbench Certification.
  • Our Placement Assistance
    • Design Assessment with Hiring Organizations
    • Invite Hiring Organizations for Selection
    • Facilitate Campus Interviews
  • Our Mentoring
    • Highly interactive, eLearning courses for 3 Months after the training
      –Employed: Leverage this for enhancing their skills
      –Trained: Leverage this for preparing themselves
  • Mentoring: 8*5 Mentoring Desk to Guide, Motivate and Monitor students
    –Employed: Help them settle in the First Job
    –Trained: Help them in preparing for Interviews and provide placement assistance